Discovery by Daft Punk (2001)

Discovery by Daft Punk (2001)

The second album from the French duo saw them develop their own sound structure and musical signature. This would later be carried into the subsequent releases, although in very different ways. It was in the lead-up to Discovery's release, the duo adopted robot costumes, claiming they had become robots because of an accident in their studio.  

Thomas Bangalter noted the stylistic approach of the album contrasted with that of their previous effort. "Homework [...] was a way to say to the rock kids, like, 'Electronic music is cool'. Discovery was the opposite, of saying to the electronic kids, 'Rock is cool, you know? You can like that.' 

Part of being a cut above to us is a willingness to introduce new concepts to people. It requires an understanding of the audience and believing in the message you share. The success of this album and the rise of Daft Punk to one of the most leading influential acts in dance music is a testament to the benefits that bloom from taking this risk. 

So, find a dance partner, crank up the volume and get you dance on.  Robot helmets optional. 

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