Buena Vista Social Club by Buena Vista Social Club (1997)

Buena Vista Social Club by Buena Vista Social Club (1997)

Recorded in just 6 days this album introduced the world to traditional Cuban music. The project was organized by Nick Gold and produced by Ry Cooder. When some of the musicians they had wanted to travel to record could not make the trip to Cuba, they didn’t scrap plans or reschedule. Instead, they pivoted and decided to record Cuban musicians playing son music. They ended up creating a worldwide success. Chan Chan, Candela, and the last track La Bayamesa really give you a sense of the range the artists possessed.

Not settling is a part of what we mean by being a cut above. When plans don’t work out, it’s those that adapt to the circumstances and end up creating something great that sets them apart. At Cut Above we cheers to those who brought something new to the world because they went a cut above.

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