This is Cut Above

Our Story
Why Cut Above? Why would you make a spirit with no alcohol, what’s the point?
To make it easy to drink less alcohol. Sometimes alcohol facilitates and sometimes it gets in the way. It’s up to each of us to decide when and how much alcohol we want to consume. But sometimes it feels awkward being the only one not drinking. Other times, we want the ‘fun’ of drinking a cocktail but don’t want the alcohol. Cut Above is a great option for those who choose to consume less alcohol but want to enjoy their drink experience fully. With Cut Above, It's Your Call.
Our Founder
Who created Cut Above?
Cut Above was created by Andrew Raul, an entrepreneur and artist who believes in challenging himself to be his best self and wanted to help others achieve their goals. Setting the bar high, Andrew wasn’t satisfied with a zero alcohol spirit that was a disappointing proxy for the real thing. In collaboration with a master mixologist and flavor experts, he came up with the precise ingredients that deliver the taste and the experience of a top shelf spirit. Read more about what motivated him.
Cut Above Founder

Andrew Raul

I am fascinated by spirits and cocktails. I love the nose when you open the bottle, the first sip, the mouthfeel, the taste, and the finish. I love the moments of bonding over a cocktail; the sharing, laughing, truly connecting with someone else. And I love the distillers and bartenders whose artistry and dedication shine through a good cocktail.

Then why create a zero-proof spirit? Because sometimes I want the experience, but don’t want the alcohol, or maybe I want less alcohol. And now, we’ve created something that means you don’t need to choose between the two. It took more than a year to develop Cut Above because we held the bar high and kept refining every aspect until it delivered like the real deal.

There is an undercurrent of love in every bottle of Cut Above. For those who choose to go low or no alcohol, for a day, a week, or forever, this is for you. For bartenders waiting for a true zero-proof spirit, this is for you. Finally, we can all fully enjoy the cocktail experience with or without the alcohol.

So, here’s to the many great toasts, moments, and conversations to come, this is for us.