Meet Andrew Raul, the founder of Cut Above

Meet Andrew Raul, the founder of Cut Above

Meet the Founder, Andrew Raul!
To help you get to know him, our team asked a few questions over cocktails:

What Does it Mean to be “A Cut Above?”

Being  A Cut Above means being your best self every day and in everything you do. It’s about caring about the details and caring about the process of doing or making something that is well done, that is a cut above. For our team, that means attention to detail and a focus on quality (AKA - spot-on flavor and memorable experiences).

So far, do you have a Cut Above highlight moment for 2023?

My highlight for 2023 so far was being an NA sponsor at Tales of the Cocktail. We did two days of tastings and mingled with the best the hospitality industry has to offer. Seeing people's interest in Cut Above, how it is made, and what makes us different always energizes me.

We’re heading into Sober October. What’s your favorite fall cocktail?

Come the cooler weather, I shift to more spirit-forward cocktails. This year I’m looking forward to some Oaxacan Old Fashioneds. That drink and the crackle of an outdoor fire is the vibe I’m eager to get into.

What do you love about the Cut Above community?

I love that the community supports each other and is made up of those who have a vision for a more inclusive future. For some, it's the ability to enjoy a nonalcoholic cocktail in their home, and for others, it’s about spreading the news about Cut Above far and wide. Either way, someone is enjoying a little sliver of life because of what we built and that makes me happy.

How did you learn to develop awareness around your relationship with alcohol?

My awareness was developed when I noticed a shift to having a cocktail out of habit versus looking forward to the enjoyment. I wanted to get back to that enjoyment of a new cocktail but not always having to consume the alcohol. The question for me was, what if I could have a cocktail but not all of the alcohol.. That was the inception of Cut Above.

What can you expect to see on our blog?

On the Cut Above blog and website, you’ll find everything you need to create quality, delicious alcohol-free cocktails - our award-winning spirits, recipes, and even cocktail kits.

We also want to share our passion for mindful drinking because there’s a lot to love! On the blog, you’ll find tips and hacks for at-home cocktail crafting, recipes, and conversations with Lo-No alcohol leaders across the globe. Behind the scenes, we get to chat with passionate entrepreneurs, cocktail-makers, and people from all walks of life who are cutting back or cutting out alcohol. We’re excited to share more of that here!

If you spend time in sober-curious spaces on social media, you know just as well as we do that zero-proof spirits represent more than what you’re sipping.

They help create a lifestyle, your ideal lifestyle.

We hope what you’ll read here will inspire you to think mindfully about your alcohol consumption and feel empowered to be your best self. 

Happy blog reading!

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