Sober October Gift Ideas

6 Gifts Your Sober-Curious Friend Will Love for Sober October

Your friend or family member is planning to cut back on drinking alcohol, whether it’s for a dry challenge or in the name of sober curiosity, and you want to help!
Sending someone an encouraging note or gift can make a huge difference, and to help you get started, below is a list of thoughtful ideas and suggestions.

#1 Beverage

You really can’t go wrong with adding to someone's alcohol-free beverage stash!

If you aren’t totally sure of what your friend likes, consider grabbing a gift card for an NA bottle shop (virtual or in-person). This allows them to explore on their own and discover new products. You can find a list of alcohol-free bottle shops on Zero Proof Nation.

Another option - if you know your friend loves a certain brand, check to see if they offer package deals - some brands will put the gift together for you!  

If they are still discovering what their favorite Alcohol Free spirit is, get them the Cut Above Variety Pack.

Having something you look forward to sipping makes doing a dry challenge, like Sober October, or starting sobriety easier and more enjoyable.  

#2 Journal + Pens

“Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind.” Natalie Goldberg

A journal is truly a meaningful gift to receive, especially for someone who’s moving through a transition in life. Gifting a journal allows you to customize or select a cover that will be inspiring. Hopefully using this to document their growth and explore thoughts that come up, your friend will be thankful for the extra paper. To go one step further, grab pens or stickers that fit their style, or leave a note of encouragement inside!

#3 Something Cozy

Entering the fall and winter seasons, the days get shorter and most of us begin to bundle up.
As your friend begins their mindful drinking journey, they’ll likely have more time on their hands as priorities and environments shift. Gifting them something cozy is a thoughtful way to let them know you’re thinking of them this season. Possibly spending more time at home than usual, your friend might love a new mystery book, soft blanket, set of pajamas, fuzzy socks, or fun glassware for an alcohol-free nightcap.
Try to think of something your friend would love, but maybe not buy for themselves.

 #4 Dry Resources

Does your friend have a favorite sober author or creator?

Consider finding a motivational book or guide that you feel would suit them. Of course, cutting back on drinking is a personal journey, but who doesn’t love some extra guidance? Questions will arise and it’s reassuring to have something to reference. In the sober community, books about quitting drinking are often referred to as “quit lit” - this will be helpful when searching!

Or - connect your friend with someone you know who’s quit or cut back on alcohol. In-person connections are so valuable.

#5 Photos

Help your friend remember that you’re there for them this season with a sentimental gift, like photos! Print and frame one or a few of your favorites together, or opt for a mini scrapbook. Not only does a gift like this last forever, but it’s also a personalized reminder of your support.

#6 Gift Cut Above

Cut Above is crafted to taste like the spirit that inspired it, allowing you to reduce or replace the alcohol in your cocktail without sacrificing taste.  No need to choose between enjoyment and responsibility! 

Shop individual bottles, cocktail kits, and spirit bundles here.

We hope this list inspires you to pick the perfect gift and applaud you for being a supportive friend!

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